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Creating Cinematic Magic: Roger Ubina’s Top-Tier Music Video Production Company 2023

Introducing the best music video production company owned by the award-winning producer, Roger Ubina. With an impressive portfolio that includes music videos for globally acclaimed artists like Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean,” Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are,” and numerous videos for Chris Brown, you can trust that your creative vision is in exceptional hands.

Roger Ubina’s experience in working with renowned artists from around the world speaks volumes about his expertise in the industry. His services are tailored to the highest standards, providing a white-glove level of production that ensures your project’s success.

Best Music video production company.

Overview of the best music video production company.

With a dedicated crew and a network of music video production company vendors spread across the globe, Roger’s team can bring your creative concepts to life, regardless of your location or scale of the project. The service extends beyond music videos and encompasses a wide range of audiovisual content, including commercials, feature films, and more.

When you choose Roger Ubina as your producer, you’re choosing a commitment to excellence, creativity, and unmatched professionalism, ensuring your project’s success from conception to completion. With unmatched best music video production service.

About Roger Ubina.

Meet Roger Ubina, a seasoned Senior Producer and Line Producer with a stellar career spanning over a decade. His extensive leadership experience has been instrumental in delivering outstanding films, commercials, and music videos, making a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Roger’s expertise extends across every stage of the production process, from creative concept translation to the meticulous management of cinematography, lighting, set design, and production priorities. He’s renowned for his ability to handle large-scale projects with financial acumen, ensuring cost-effective and successful outcomes. His remarkable contributions have earned him prestigious accolades, including MTV Awards, Vevo Awards, and even Grammy Awards for his music video production.

Having collaborated with a slew of A-list artists such as Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars, Roger has amassed an impressive portfolio boasting over 300 music videos. He’s also deeply ingrained in the Latin music industry, with over 20 number-one videos for artists like Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin.

In addition to the best music video production work, Roger’s impressive track record extends to TV and feature film production for reputable names like Nickelodeon, Disney, and YOUTUBE RED. He’s been behind the scenes on projects like ” King Of The Dance Hall” “The Devil’s in the Details,” and more, including high-profile commercials such as the Georgia Lottery and Ad Color Awards.

Throughout his career, Roger Ubina has been a dynamic force in the industry, delivering creativity, leadership, and remarkable content development. His knack for problem-solving, pre-production, project management, and relationship management has set him apart in the world of media and entertainment production. With Roger, you can expect a commitment to excellence that results in exceptional content, regardless of the medium.

Benefits of having a great Music Video Production.

Using a professional music video production service companies is paramount for anyone in the creative industry. We understand the significance of a seamless and worry-free production process, allowing our clients, whether directors, artists, or creative visionaries, to focus solely on their craft. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the final product; we’re here to take care of every detail, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Imagine having the freedom to concentrate on your artistic vision without the stress of logistics. When you partner with us, we provide an all-encompassing service that covers everything from casting to securing equipment, booking the entire crew, and handling all production aspects. This means you won’t need to worry about where to find the best catering company, which camera to use, or how to coordinate the various elements of your project.

In essence, we’re your one-stop solution for all your production needs. Our dedicated team of professionals leverages years of experience to manage every aspect of your project. From concept to completion, we’re here to create an environment where you can focus on your creativity while we handle the intricate logistics of production.

By choosing our professional music video production service, you’re not just investing in a service; you’re investing in peace of mind, efficiency, and the assurance that your vision will be brought to life seamlessly. We understand the importance of allowing our clients to sit back and create, without the burden of production details. Your vision is our priority, and we’re here to make it a reality.You can feel confident knowing that you hired the best music video companies in the world.


Why partnering with experienced producers is crucial

Partnering with an experienced producer is essential for any creative project’s success. These seasoned experts bring a wealth of industry knowledge, connections, and problem-solving skills, ensuring a seamless execution of your vision. Crucially, they excel in budget management, preventing costly overruns. With their guidance, you can achieve your creative goals within budget, avoiding financial surprises. An experienced producer becomes your trusted partner, not only bringing your vision to life but also safeguarding your project from potential financial hurdles.

Utilizing a music video production service company in New York offers compelling advantages. Our high volume of work in this vibrant creative hub grants us access to better prices and prime locations, with well-established vendor relationships and cost-efficient resource procurement. Our extensive industry experience has allowed us to assemble top-tier production crews who possess valuable local knowledge and expertise. Partnering with us ensures that your project benefits not only from New York’s creative energy but also from the finest talent and resources, guaranteeing its full potential is realized.

How a Production Services company can benefit record labels

Partnering with the best music video production companies benefits record labels. It offers flexibility, enabling them to select preferred creative talent and retain financial control. This is especially valuable for emerging directors who often need professional support to meet contractual obligations and stay within budget. These collaborations empower labels to bring their visions to life while managing finances and nurturing new talent.


In conclusion, our music video production companies and studio services stand out as the best and most experienced in New York and the world. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality videos, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry. Whether you are a general audience, a professional video creator, or a consumer, we have the expertise, resources, and creativity to bring your vision to life. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Contact us today to discuss your project and see how we can elevate your music video to new heights. And don’t forget to check out our related resources for further inspiration and guidance.

Some of favorite music video directors.

Top music video directors are renowned for their creative vision, storytelling, and visual flair, making them stand out in the industry. Here are a few noteworthy directors:

  1. Spike Jonze: Known for his innovative concepts and distinctive style, Jonze has directed iconic music videos for artists like Beastie Boys and Fatboy Slim. His ability to blend humor and heart in storytelling sets him apart.
  2. Michel Gondry: Gondry’s whimsical and imaginative approach has resulted in visually stunning videos for Björk and The White Stripes. He’s celebrated for his use of practical effects and creative problem-solving.
  3. Hype Williams: Renowned for his cinematic approach, Hype Williams has worked with artists like Beyoncé and Kanye West. His visually opulent and high-concept videos are instantly recognizable.
  4. David Fincher: With a background in film, Fincher’s music videos, including those for Madonna and Nine Inch Nails, are marked by their meticulous attention to detail and dark, moody aesthetics.
  5. Dave Meyers: Meyers’ energetic and visually captivating videos for artists like Missy Elliott and Kendrick Lamar showcase his innovative use of choreography and special effects.

What makes these directors great is their ability to elevate music videos beyond mere promotional tools. They bring unique storytelling techniques, distinctive visual aesthetics, and a deep understanding of music’s emotional impact to their work, resulting in unforgettable and often groundbreaking music videos.

Music video production companies near me 2023?


What is a music video?

   Music videos, often dubbed as the visual soul of music, hold a unique and indispensable place in our world. They serve as a bridge between the auditory and visual realms, enriching the artistry and depth of the music itself. These miniature works of art offer a window into the imagination of musicians and filmmakers, creating a captivating synergy that resonates with audiences worldwide.

   While the creation of music videos is undoubtedly one of the most challenging endeavors in the entertainment industry, it is also among the most rewarding. The challenge lies in weaving a compelling narrative or evoking powerful emotions within a brief timeframe, synchronized with the rhythms and lyrics of the music. It demands a fusion of creativity, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of the artist’s vision.

   The reward, however, is immeasurable. Music videos have the power to etch memories into our minds, influencing the way we perceive and connect with a song. They breathe life into melodies, offering a visual context that can be just as profound as the lyrics themselves. The marriage of music and imagery in a well-crafted music video has the potential to inspire, provoke thought, and elevate the entire music experience.

   In essence, music videos are an essential and captivating medium that enhances our understanding of music and the emotions it conveys. They stand as a testament to the boundless creativity of artists and filmmakers, and their ability to craft immersive experiences that enrich our lives and culture.


Above is behind the scene photo on the set of What do you mean. Working with director Brad Furman on the set of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” music video was an incredible experience. Brad’s vision and creative direction brought the song to life in a way that perfectly captured its essence.

His attention to detail and innovative storytelling techniques made the video a visually stunning masterpiece. Brad’s ability to collaborate with the entire team, including the cast and crew, created a positive and inspiring atmosphere on set. His enthusiasm and dedication to the project were infectious, making it a truly memorable and enjoyable experience. Working with Brad Furman was a privilege, and his talent as a director shone brightly throughout the production of this iconic music video.

Music videos have become an indispensable tool for music artists in today’s digital age. They offer numerous benefits to musicians, playing a pivotal role in shaping their careers. A well-crafted music video can be a powerful promotional tool that enhances an artist’s visibility, audience engagement, and overall success.

First and foremost, music videos provide a visual dimension to the music, allowing artists to convey their artistic vision and storytelling in a compelling manner. A carefully crafted video can create a lasting impression, strengthening the emotional connection between the artist and their audience. It’s an opportunity to reinforce the song’s message and capture the viewer’s attention.

On the flip side, a poorly executed music video can have detrimental consequences. It may not align with the song’s message, leading to confusion or disinterest among viewers. Inconsistent quality, low production values, or a lack of creativity can tarnish an artist’s image and potentially harm their career. In the age of social media, a subpar video can quickly become a subject of ridicule or criticism.

Conversely, a high-quality, visually stunning music video can catapult an artist to stardom. It can go viral, generate buzz, and attract new fans. A great video can make an artist stand out in a crowded industry, solidify their brand, and open doors to new opportunities, including collaborations and endorsements.

In conclusion, music videos are a double-edged sword for artists. When done right, they can elevate a career, but when done poorly, they can have detrimental consequences. A compelling music video is an essential investment in a music artist’s journey towards success, making it an art form worth mastering.

Shooting a music video involves a strategic and creative process to ensure a visually compelling and artistically aligned final product. Here are ten essential steps to guide you through the process:

  1. Concept Development: Begin by brainstorming and defining the concept for your music video. Consider the song’s narrative, mood, and target audience to shape the visual story.
  2. Storyboarding: Create a detailed storyboard that outlines each shot, camera angle, and transition. This visual roadmap serves as a guide during the shoot.
  3. Pre-Production Planning: Plan the logistics, including location scouting, acquiring permits, assembling the crew, and ensuring all necessary equipment is available.
  4. Casting: Select talent, dancers, or actors based on the video’s concept. Hold auditions if needed and ensure that the chosen individuals align with the desired aesthetic.
  5. Rehearsals: Conduct rehearsals with the performers to synchronize movements, lip-syncing, and choreography, ensuring a polished and cohesive performance.
  6. Equipment Setup: Ensure all camera and lighting equipment is in working order and set up according to the storyboard and creative vision.
  7. On-Set Direction: Direct the performers, ensuring they convey the intended emotions and story. Collaborate closely with the cinematographer to capture visually striking shots.
  8. Flexibility for Creativity: Allow room for spontaneity and creative inspiration during the shoot. Sometimes the best shots emerge from unexpected moments.
  9. Post-Production Editing: Once the footage is captured, move to the editing stage. Organize and edit the video, incorporating visual effects, color correction, and syncing with the music.
  10. Feedback and Revisions: Share the edited video with key stakeholders for feedback. Implement necessary revisions to refine the final product before releasing it to the audience.

By following these ten steps, you can navigate the music video production process efficiently and produce a visually stunning and artistically resonant piece of work.


  1. High-Quality Output: The best music video production companies typically have a track record of delivering high-quality videos due to their experienced and skilled teams.
  2. Creative Expertise: These companies often have a team of creative professionals who can bring innovative ideas and concepts to enhance the visual appeal of your music video.
  3. Access to Top Talent: The best production companies have connections with top directors, cinematographers, and other industry professionals, ensuring access to the best talent for your project.
  4. Professional Equipment: Established production companies have state-of-the-art equipment and technology, contributing to the overall quality and professionalism of the video.
  5. Efficient Project Management: With experience comes efficient project management. The best companies have streamlined processes, ensuring that your music video is completed on time and within budget.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Working with a reputable production company can provide networking opportunities within the industry, potentially leading to collaborations and exposure.


  1. Cost: Hiring the best comes at a price. Top-tier production companies may have higher fees, which could be a limitation for those with tight budgets.
  2. Scheduling Challenges: The best production companies are often in high demand, which may lead to scheduling conflicts or longer waiting times to begin your project.
  3. Limited Flexibility: Some top production companies may have established workflows and creative processes, limiting the degree of creative input you can have in the project.
  4. Potentially Oversaturated Style: As top companies often have a distinct style, there’s a risk that your video may have similarities to other projects they’ve produced, impacting the uniqueness of your content.
  5. Smaller Scale Projects: Some top production companies may prioritize larger, high-profile projects, potentially leading to less enthusiasm or attention for smaller-scale productions.
  6. Less Personalized Attention: Due to their high demand, top production companies may have less time for personalized attention, potentially affecting the collaborative aspect of the project.

Ultimately, the decision to hire the video production company depends on your specific needs, budget, and creative preferences. Consider weighing the pros and cons in relation to your project’s requirements and goals.

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